Greyhound Racing | third spectator sport in the UK, so popular in the US and Australia which has many Greyhound tracks.
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Greyhound Racing

Greyhound Racing - what is it all about? Greyhound racing is a sport in which an artificial lure is chased in most cases by six greyhounds on a track (usually oval, sometimes straight) till the finish line. The fastest greyhound becomes the winner.

The sport is most popular in such countries as the UK, Ireland, Australia, USA, New Zealand, China and Mexico. Dog racing is the third spectator sport in the UK with annual attendances of more than 3.2 million during approximately 70,000 races a year across 28 stadiums, and with the total £2.5bn worth of bets.

dog racingThe modern greyhound racing originated from coursing, which simply denotes hunting with dogs that have been trained to chase game by sight. Greyhounds are perfect for coursing because of their exceptional sight and unmatched speed. In the past, under the category of greyhounds' prey fell rabbits, hares, deer, foxes, antelope, gazelle, jackals, and wolves. Today, however, it is no longer legal to course mammals in England and Wales with exception of rats and rabbits. Hare coursing is still very popular in such countries as Russia, western United States, Spain and Ireland.

Curious Racing Questions
What makes greyhounds run so quickly?
Their unique physique: flexible spine, long legs especially well muscled back hindquarters, good aerodynamics thanks to body shape and thin fur coat, strong heart and lungs which can work five times harder than during the rest.

Why these dogs have such wide nostrils?
To breathe more efectively and therefore run quicker.

What is it about greyhound blood that improves their running efficiency?
Exceptionaly high red blood cells levels. Red blood cells deliver oxygen to muscles. Lots of red blood cells means that greyhounds' lungs send oxygen in larger quantities and much faster than what is usually the case.

Why the greyhound chases the lure during a race?
The dog is driven by natural instinct and chases anything that it considers to be a prey. That is why it follows the artificial hare in dog racing.

How long is the average greyhound’s racing career?
Greyhounds are allowed to start racing when they are at least 15 months old. In most cases they retire from racing between 3 and 5 years of age.

What happens to racing greyhounds when they retire?
Each year 25,000 race dogs retire in the world. Some of them are adopted (one in four in the UK), others are kept for breeding purposes, or sent to foreign racetracks in less developed countries.

Which organ in Britain is responsible for regulating greyhound racing?
The Greyhound Board of Great Britain.