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Welcome to the new version of a website dedicated to the sport of dog racing and to greyhound betting.

About greyhounds At our website you can thoroughly extend your knowledge of this fascinating dog breed. Greyhounds are not only valued for their superb sprints, they also make lovable pets! Find more information in this section.

Greyhounds history Did you know that these dogs have accompanied humans since time immemorial! Like for example In the ancient Arab societies greyhounds were allowed to enter human tents, or ride atop the camels?.. Read about their long history which abounded in twists and turns. History

Dog racing What is dog racing all about? Why is it so interesting? Dog Racing section provides answers to these questions and includes lots of important and curious facts about the sport.

Greyhound tracks and stadiums Want to learn something about greyhound tracks and stadiums? Fancy night at the dogs? We have listed most tracks from all over the world with a particular focus on the UK or Australia's greyhound tracks and stadiums.

Greyhound betting & Online bookmakers Betting on greyhounds can be a fun experience! We explain how to bet on greyhounds and what types of greyhound bets are available. We have also listed all the reliable online bookmakers that offer dogs racing including useful information about their greyhound betting offer (covered tracks, bookmakers bonuses, dog racing broadcast etc).

Extras Want to see some of the best dog races, or have a laugh at what greyhounds are capable of. Don't hestitate and see the "Greyhounds Videos" section!

There is much more stuff to come. Enjoy!

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